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A microwave oven is almost like an ubiquitous household item: nearly every home has one. Many homeowners would simply put their microwaves on counters. Others, however, make use of a microwave cart to conserve more space. The microwave oven cart, like the rest of the kitchen carts that we are familiar with, is equipped with shelves, cabinets, and drawers where you can store a wide variety of kitchen items. These compartments are definitely a welcome addition to the kitchen storage system. The carts come in varied sizes that can very well fit any size of microwave oven. The microwave cart provides your oven with a specific housing area, thus relieving your kitchen countertop of a potential space-occupying item. It is these features that make a microwave oven cart a useful item in your kitchen.

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The function of a microwave oven cart is not limited to the provision of a dedicated area for the microwave oven. Many of the carts have a top where the oven is usually placed, as well as cabinets, drawers, and shelves. These storage areas may be open or closed, and this you have to consider when you are planning to buy a cart. The storage units can keep objects of many sizes. For instance, if you want to stash away your small items, you can put them in your drawers. For utensils and larger cooking implements, you can opt to put them in the shelves. Items that you may have a hard time classifying or probably designated as clutter may be placed in the cabinets. The cabinets are fitted with doors that can hide your clutter from view.

A microwave cart is a kind of a trolley having multiple shelves to keep your microwave and other utilities, increasing the storage space of your kitchen and taking your microwave off from the countertop. You can use the microwave cart to keep your microwave oven as well as store your other kitchen utilities and accessories. They come with rollers attached to the wheels or base which allow easier and faster mobility and smoother movement all around your home. The microwave cart can be made up of different materials and you can choose from different prices, material, patterns and ranges. Some are built of metal, some are wooden built, some are made up of plastic or fibre and some even are built of iron.  The shelves and doors of the microwave cart may vary from model to model, but they offer better and enhanced durability for sure. You can make it appear new and clean by simply wiping it out by a dry cloth. Mostly, microwave carts are very inexpensive, sturdy and spacious. It comes in pieces which you have to put together with the help of the documentation and the guide provided. They provide you with all the necessary screws and joints for putting together the cart.

Microwave cart styles

Nowadays, manufacturers have been coming up with various designs of microwave oven carts in an effort to keep up with the ever-evolving style of the modern American home. There are carts that are equipped with wheels and as such they can be pulled towards any area in the kitchen. Other carts, on the other hand, are meant to be just in one place. Particle board carts are attractive and usually give value for money. Some carts may actually be stained in a hue that can go well with the existing wood type and color in your kitchen.

It usually comes on wheels and rollers, so that you can slide and roll it all over your house and anywhere very smoothly. It is made up of very light material such as wood or fibre plastic so it’s easier to carry and highly durable. Microwave carts can also be used to put several other kitchen and household accessories, hence saving space. It makes your kitchen look organised and systematic. Saves a lot of storage space in your kitchen making it look less cluttered. Microwave carts generally comes in pieces, you need to assemble it or get professional help then it is all ready!

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There are some pointers to keep in mind when buying a microwave oven cart. Probably the most important thing to consider is the size of your microwave oven. You would not want to even up with a cart that is undersized. A microwave oven cart should be appropriately sized: not too large nor too small for your microwave oven. You would also have to decide on how much storage you would want from your cart, and what sort of storage area you would like to have (drawer, shelf, cabinet). Also, you have to look at the material with which the cart is made. The make of the cart is crucial because this will determine its life span. The cart will last you a long time if it is made of sturdy material.


It is quite easy to scour for some really good quality microwave oven carts. There are many places where you can find them. They are sold in department stores, household item stores, retail stores, and furniture shops. These shops offer many models of microwave oven carts in various sizes, stains, and colors. Stainless steel carts are likewise available in these shops. It is a lot more advantageous for you if you buy your carts at the furniture shop rather than at the retail store. You often get your cart pre-assembled and ready for immediate use in the furniture store, unlike those carts that you can buy in retail outlets that you still have to put together. When you check the packaging, you will always find a leaflet that contains complete descriptions, instructions and the list of parts and hardware that are included in the unit. While you can definitely find online stores that sell microwave oven carts, you will need to shell out extra cash for handling and shipping costs, causing you to spend a little more in the long run.

Microwave stands

Microwave stands are functional pieces of items that can both be used to hold the microwave oven and to provide additional storage area in the kitchen. They come in various forms, the most common of which being the microwave work center. The microwave work center has an area where you can put your oven, and a storage portion for all of your cutlery and utensils. The work center has multiple shelves, and this feature is very helpful particularly in storing your cutlery separately.

Aside from the microwave stands, you also have the microwave drawers. They are countertops that are fitted with a sliding door that leads up to an area where you can put your microwave oven. The design of a microwave drawer, which is essentially front-open drawers that open up to a spacious interior, allows for the concealment of the microwave oven in the cabinet after using it. Another way to keep your microwave oven in a designated area is through the use of a four shelves stand. Among the microwave stands, four shelves stands are probably the largest, and because of this they can accommodate any size and brand of microwave oven. The four shelves stand has spacious storage areas wherein any kind and size of utensil and cutlery can be stored.

It is important to take the size of the stand in consideration because this will definitely affect the amount of space that the stand will use up in the kitchen. Aside from the size, you also have to be conscious about the material and the quality whenever you are contemplating on buying a microwave oven cart.

The versatility of microwave carts

The most usable and versatile tool in a kitchen is a microwave oven. From reheating to cooking and even defrosting, a microwave oven save your time and make your kitchen work easier. Though they are very handy, microwave ovens take up a large amount of valuable space in the kitchen, thereby reducing the area where you have to cut, slice and prepare your food. Microwave carts hence provide a solution when dealing with this problem. A happy kitchen is an organised kitchen. Ranging from a portable microwave cart to a butchering block microwave cart, it is so easy to find the microwave cart suitable for your needs. No matter what your kitchen size is, you always want to make it look organised and less cluttered so that every time you reach out to get some spoons or knives or that expensive set of plates you bought, you don’t have to leave your cooking and get lost in the search process. Coming in different and variable designs and beautiful colours, ranging from high prices to affordably low price ranges, a microwave cart is definitely what your kitchen is desperately craving for!