Microwave Cart Central was created to provide a single point of reference for all things to do with Microwave Cart, Kitchen Islands, microwave shelving, and general kitchen appliance information.

We intend on providing bespoke reviews, comparisons and visual aids to help with purchasing decisions.

We love kitchens

Kitchens are uniquely challenging areas. There is absolutely nowhere else in your home where functionality and form are so intrinsic to the success of the room. The integrity of the kitchen goes well beyond the mere function of preparing meals.  Kitchens are the true centre of the home, the congregating axis for both your family and your guests. It is the homework area,  the casual bar, the conference room, and actually the very epicentre of household life. Kitchens can actually act as the truly unique selling proposition for many homes.

Our real passion begins with kitchens, but is not necessarily limited to them. The experience and knowledge we have gained over decades allows us to extend our nous to all areas of any rebuild or renovation.

Over the years, it has been our pride and joy to serve a growing customer base with projects ranging from simple renovations to the design and construction of large custom homes.

Our knowledgeable designers are always happy to discuss plans and possibilities, show you the newest trends, or help create your old-world masterpiece. Their creativity, extensive knowledge, and expertise will bring your dream kitchen or bathroom to life!

We design kitchens to suit your tastes, preferences, working styles and budgets. Our staff comprises a team of experts, adept in all aspects of kitchen design. We know that the kitchen is the hub of your house. Thus, it is but natural that you will spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen each day. This is why you need a kitchen that is both aesthetically appealing and functional.

As the experts in custom kitchen designs, we optimally utilise the space available. Thus, not even one inch of space goes waste when we helm your kitchen renovation or remodelling projects. This can make a huge difference – especially if you have a small kitchen.

Unlike other companies, we do not merely design the layout of your kitchen. We offer impeccable custom joinery services as well. Our ability to provide top-of-the-line custom-made products has contributed to our formidable reputation in the domain. The fact that we offer plumbing, electrical, tiling and interior design services as well distinguishes us from the competition.

Depending on feedback and engagement, at some point we may also provide e-commerce recommendations and purchase links for your convenience.

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