Microwave Shelf

A Microwave Shelf Is A Space-Saving Storage Solution

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Countertop microwaves are usually less expensive than built-in and under counter microwaves. However, the fact that they consume counter space makes them unattractive to some people. Many people have limited counter space with no spare room for appliances like a microwave. However, they do not need to buy an under counter microwave just to preserve their countertop area. A microwave shelf is the perfect solution and it comes in many styles.

What Is A Microwave Shelf

A microwave wall shelf is installed under wall cabinets in the kitchen. A free-standing microwave is then placed on or inside it, freeing up counter space. This Microwave Shelf shelf makes use of wasted vertical space, allowing the counters to be used for food preparation and to storing smaller items. People can purchase a pre-made shelf or have one custom made to their specifications and installed by the manufacturer.

Cabinet style wooden shelving often features extra room on the sides to store cookbooks. Some cabinet makers will even create a door that slides across or flips down to hide the microwave. This prevents dust from gathering on the appliance and creates an uncluttered look within the kitchen. Customers can have the door fashioned to resemble the cabinets or give it flair with tin or tile inserts.

Different Microwave Shelf Styles

There are many microwave shelf styles other than the custom units described above. A stainless steel shelf is a low-priced alternative sold online and in retail stainless steel shelf stores. Common dimensions are 18 x 24 inches and this shelf mounts to the wall on heavy duty brackets, providing the microwave with ample support. The microwave is placed on top of the shelf and plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. Prices for stainless steel shelving designed to hold a microwave start under $80.

A different style of stainless style shelf features a single piece of heavy duty metal anchored to the wall. The angled sides prevent the microwave from sliding off the shelf sideways and the marine counter edge keeps the appliance from sliding off the front. A space-saving shelf like this is designed for a modern kitchen or a professional food service environment and sells for about $180. The highly polished 18 gauge type 430 stainless steel ensures a long lifetime.

Another type of microwave shelf is installed directly on the oven range. It comes in either white or black and fits a 30-inch wide range featuring a top spill retainer edge of up to 7/8-inches wide. The shelf rests 15 inches above the stove top, keeping the microwave at eye level for improved cooking. With the ability to support up to 250 pounds, this enamelled stainless steel shelf can hold a large microwave.

A microwave shelf is a very functional storage unit in many homes. It frees up counter space and eliminates the need for a traditional microwave cart. The microwave is instead supported by this wooden or stainless steel shelving, which is attached to the wall, a wall cabinet, or the range top. With the use of a microwave shelf, consumers can have their low-priced microwave without sacrificing their countertops.