Top 5 Best Microwave Carts in 2020 – A Buyer’s Guide

Best Microwave Carts – We all know that kitchen storage can sometimes be a royal pain in the neck. Well, built-in shelves or cabinets can help you in kitchen storage, but they are often not the best solutions.

So what are your options?

Considering microwave carts to provide a solution for your storage problems is a good idea. Microwave carts are very helpful and mobile. Because of this, they make them a perfect storage solution for your kitchen.

Choosing the right microwave carts in the market is quite confusing. We have reviewed 5 of the best microwave carts in the market that will help you in organizing your kitchen. To help you pick the right product, we have included a brief guide.

Best Microwave Carts Product Reviews

1.   Sauder Universal Oven Cart

The Sauder Universal Microwave Cart is a highly praised storage tool. The height is tall enough and has an open shelf on top. It has two entryways cupboard, which makes it outstanding kitchen storage for your home. The upper part can house small microwaves. Lots of homeowners love this cart as it has two options where you can place your kitchen tools.

This microwave cart has drawers to store your smaller stuff that you can access easily. Sauder Universal Cart has twofold wheel casters to make it easy to move around. It is impressively steady and sturdy that it can hold a great deal of weight.


  • Roomy storage area for your utensils
  • Engineered wood construction
  • The bigger storage area has twin doors with an adjustable shelf
  • Soft white finish with Bank Alder accents
  • Product dimensions: 24.88″ x 19.76″ x 48.54″


  • Provides different means in storing
  • Durable
  • Excellent height
  • Compatible with different kitchen interiors
  • Storage is big enough to store different kitchen utensils and others


  • Uses wood material

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a spacious storage area with doors to keep your utensils and other kitchen tools, this is a good option.

2.   Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart

The Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart comes with a detachable wood top. The height is tall enough to place tall objects, and the cart has an open shelf on the top. It has two entryways, which makes it excellent kitchen storage to keep everything organized. You can place your small microwave on top.


For heavy-duty needs, this is a reliable product to consider. The commercial-grade wheels are excellent to move the cart with ease and without any problems. If you need to keep it in one position, it has lockable wheels to prevent it from moving.


  • High-grade securing wheels
  • Chromed steel framework
  • Convenient pull-out shelf
  • Two-lockable castor wheels
  • Product dimensions: 16” x 22.5” x 34”


  • Strong and steady
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable shelf height at one-inch increment
  • Made of premium-grade and industrial materials


  • A bit heavy than others

Final Verdict

Whitmor is an easy to assemble microwave cart that can house your kitchen tools and microwave. It is mobile that you can move it from one place to another with ease.

3.   Organize It All Mobile Kitchen Utility Cart

The Organize It All Kitchen Utility Cart is designed to fit any kitchen because of its impressive finish. It is specially designed and furnished with all the things you need in a moving kitchen cart. The cart has a drawer to store your kitchen utensils and dishes. The caster wheels can help you in moving the cart around the area.

Your kitchen will be more organized with the help of the microwave cart. It will also provide additional space. You can also use it when serving drinks and food if you have gatherings at home. It is pocket-friendly thus everybody can afford it.


  • Three pull out wire-basket drawers
  • Head pull-out drawer to keep the utensils
  • Great storage cart
  • Tile cover on top
  • Real pine wood frame
  • Product dimensions: 18.5” x 14.5” x 30”


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Natural wood design
  • Very versatile
  • It can fit the oven easily.


  • It may require two people to assemble it.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable microwave cart to organize your kitchen tools and utensils, the Organize At All Mobile Cart is the best option.

4.   AmazonBasics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart

The AmazonBasics Microwave Cart combines convenience with style. This will instantly provide added storage for small kitchens with limited area. You can keep the frequently used kitchen tools and everyday essentials in a way that provides ease of access.

It is a combination of natural wood and heavy-duty, chrome-plated steel. The cart complements the kitchen decor, both traditional and contemporary alike.

It has a wooden top that is about 1.5 inches thick. The wooden top is removable if you need to use it for other purposes. Underneath are some shelves made of high-quality material. The two shelves can carry up to 50 pounds of weight. Thus, it enables you to store the items easily.


  • With four wheels on the bottom, you can lock the two wheels
  • Adjustable shelf height allows you to increase and decrease the shelf height by one-inch for keeping bigger items.
  • Includes four chrome hooks to hang towels and other items.
  • Product dimensions: 15” x 21” x 36.7”


  • Removable wood top
  • Makes a useful, stylish storage space
  • Middle shelf slides out
  • Adjustable shelf height


  • Issues with assembly

Final Verdict

AmazonBasics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart is the kitchen storage of choice if you are looking for something that can complement both traditional and contemporary interior.

5.   Winsome Wood Mario Kitchen

To make your kitchen look big, and while keeping everything organized, the Winsome Wood Kitchen Cart is an excellent addition. It is mobile storage that can match your modern interior as it has light coloring and open shelving. When it comes to storing, this cart is very spacious.

The cart uses solid Beachwood, which can handle heavy kitchen appliances without breaking. This cart is very functional as it can serve as storage and furniture at the same time.


  • It fits your microwave oven
  • Made of solid Beachwood construction
  • Four easy to roll wheels
  • Product dimensions: 33.2″ x 20.5″ x 32″


  • It is very functional.
  • Made of real wood
  • Spacious enough to store various kitchen tools
  • Durable


  • May require two people to assemble it.

Buying Guide

It may take you a lot of time before you can decide which microwave cart to choose. To help out, below are some of the features that you should consider when choosing a functional microwave stand.


Shelves are not customary in a microwave cart. However, choosing a cart with a drawer is very beneficial. If you are living in an apartment with a limited area, a functional cart will help you optimize the space, and the drawers will serve as storage for your kitchen utensils and tools.

Look for a cart with a single or two drawers adjacent to each other. You can use these drawers to store your necessities, such as microwave-safe bowls and others.

If you prefer a microwave cart with wheels, make sure that you can lock the drawers so you can move it easily and safely.

Spacious Shelves

A microwave stand with ample storage room is a good choice as it can help you store a lot of kitchen utilities. You can use these shelves to store your tools, your cookbooks, and non-perishable foods.

If you choose a microwave cart with a foldable top shelf, you will get an added feature as a breakfast stand. You can keep some items out of sight and store large items. It will be a good idea if you choose a combination type.

Moveable Stands

If you want to boost the flexibility of your kitchen, choose a moveable kitchen stand. The stand will make your life much simpler and likewise improve the functionality of your kitchen.

The appliances stored in the cart are those that you seldom use. You only need to reposition it if needed. Also, when it comes to cleaning, these stands are very beneficial. You can just roll away the cart and reach the places under it with ease.

Structure and Size

The size and structure of a microwave cart are two important factors you need to consider. When choosing the structure, consider the materials used. There are durable and robust carts that offer more reliability and dependability, while some carts are not so durable or sturdy.

Size is essential when looking for the best cart. You don’t want microwave carts that are too big, as it can be counter-intuitive to save some space in your kitchen. Just make sure it fits your microwave perfectly.

Style and Shade

This is an essential factor that you need to consider as you purchase a microwave stand. The shade and style of the stand should complement the decor of your kitchen. If not, it will look out of place.

For instance, if you want to keep a specific look of your kitchen, make sure you get a cart that will match the look of your kitchen. If most of your kitchen appliances are black, make sure you get a black microwave cart.

It is best to choose a composite stand that will have clean and simple lines. Getting the perfect stand will not just make your job easier, but it will also transform how your kitchen looks and feel.

Other features that you need to consider include utility hooks for your utensils, towel racks, shelves, and cabinets to keep other things you need to store.

Types of Microwave Stands

There are two types of microwave stands, namely the cubby microwave stand and the top surface microwave stands.

Top Surface Microwave Stand

This type of microwave stand is beneficial in holding your microwave as well as to provide more storage to your kitchen items. In this particular style, you can place the microwave on the countertop.

Below are the shelving units, drawers, and other storage areas in your kitchen. It has a simple structure, and this type of microwave stand is also affordable. Most of the top surface of this stand is made of wood. But, it is often crafted from metal or composite material.

It is also available in a various range of colors and styles, which make it suitable for any kind of kitchen decor. The stand is easy to use, handy, and well-defined. This type of microwave cart is perfect if you need something to store away mini microwaves or other small items.

This type of microwave stand has a simplistic look and requires assembly. But the assembly instructions are quite easy to follow.

Cubby Microwave Stand

The cubby microwave stand is known for its flexibility, convenience, and availability. It comes with a 3-sided compartment that has enough space to accommodate your microwave.

As compared to the top surface stand, this type has more attention to detail and craftsmanship. It also provides more storage. But, as you make a choice, it is a good idea to assess if your cubby stand is big enough to accommodate your microwave.

Cubby microwave stand comes with a storage space that is found below the microwave. But, now there are other models with additional shelving features on top. The most vital element of this stand is that it is movable.

You can choose a fixed stand or the mobile one with wheels to move it anywhere easily you want to. This type of microwave cart is very convenient when it comes to optimizing space and flexibility.


When it comes to deciding, the right amount of information will help you to make the best choice. Now that you know what exactly you need for a microwave cart, choosing is easy for you.

After reviewing five of the best microwave carts in the market today, our top pick is Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart because of its durability, features, design, and price. For a budget-conscious buyer, Whitmor is also a good cart for you. Winsome Wood Mario Kitchen Cart is a premium pick for those who can afford to buy it.

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