Why buy a Microwave Cart

A Microwave Cart Offers Convenient And Portable Appliance Storage

Even if there is enough space on the counter to accommodate a microwave, a microwave cart may be a wise purchase. This kitchen cart holds the microwave and may offer additional storage for bowls, pots and pans, and other kitchen equipment. Cabinet and counter space is freed for other purposes like food storage and preparation. Whether the kitchen is big or small, it should be able to accommodate one of these kitchen carts.

Microwave Cart Styles And Colors

SogesPower 3-Tier Kitchen Baker’s Rack Microwave Stand Storage Rack

These kitchen carts come in many styles, ranging from a wheeled microwave table to a wall unit that stores the microwave, dishes, and equipment and features a work surface. The microwave-butcher block cart from Catskill Craftsmen is large enough to hold a microwave, television, or small kitchen appliance. Despite its storage capacity, it fits comfortably into a small workspace. The ¾-inch solid wood top is durable and the two slatted shelves can hold bowls, measuring cups, and supplies like kitchen towels. With locking wheel casters, users can move this cart to the desired location and lock it in place.

Some people prefer a cart with closed storage so equipment will not get dusty. The Ameriwood white microwave cart features two lower doors that open to reveal a storage area. One open shelf is ideal for keeping a towel on hand to mop up spills. The microwave rests on top of the cart, which is easy to move on the included casters. This product is made from composite wood, which keeps the price tag low. Nexera also makes a rolling two-door cart featuring a maple finish and large open storage cubby.

For those looking for more than a microwave stand or small storage cart, the kitchen cabinet unit from Home Source Industries should be suitable. This piece adds storage space to the kitchen without the need for a remodel. It features a bottom cabinet enclosed by two door and a flat surface at waist height suitable for storing a microwave. On top are two glass doors that enclose another storage area. This white cabinet features solid oak handles and attractive wood trim.

Elaborate Microwave Cart Designs

Shoppers looking for high-end microwave carts can find these online and in stores. Catskill Craftsmen make a 17-inch oiled birch cart that looks handmade. It’s Kitchen Cart features an open shelf, a drawer, towel bar, butcher-block top, microwave shelf, enclosed storage area, and locking caster wheels. Cooks can prepare their food on the work surface and then heat it in the microwave.

The Home Styles Cottage Oak Buffet makes a nice addition to a traditional kitchen. Much more than a microwave stand, it would be more of a microwave cabinet. It features two upper glass doors that open to reveal a storage area with one shelf. The base contains two wood framed cabinet doors that enclose a storage area with an adjustable shelf as well as two utility drawers. The natural wood top is large enough to store a standard sized microwave. Hardwood construction, cottage oak finish, and brushed steel hardware make this piece very attractive.

Space-Saving Microwave Carts

In older homes, the kitchen tends to be a small room so conserving space is important. A microwave table or stand that fits into a corner is a space-saving Small Microwave Cart design. If shoppers are unable to find a corner kitchen cart, they should look for a corner rack with multiple shelves. By purchasing a rack that can support a microwave and other small appliances like a coffee maker and toaster oven, they free up counter space.

Some kitchen carts come in space-saving designs that occupy only a small footprint in the kitchen. These may feature interior cabinets, drawers, and shelves, allowing people to store food, utensils, and necessities like pans and mixing bowls. When space is at a premium, shoppers should measure the available area and look for a microwave stand that fits these dimensions. If you are really limited on space a good alternative may be to go with a microwave shelf instead.

Ways To Save Money On Microwave Carts

Shoppers on a budget should look for ways to reduce the price tag of microwave stands. When buying online, free shipping to home or a local store is a big money-saver because shipping costs would otherwise be expensive due to product weight. Using coupons and discounts offered by credit card issuers and online retailers can save consumers up to 30 percent or more.

By reading product descriptions and reviews, consumers can find the perfect cart for their kitchen. Before buying the item, they should make sure it is returnable even if it must be assembled. This prevents financial headaches if the microwave cart does not fit within the kitchen or is a poor match with the décor.