Under Counter Microwave

Save Counter Space With An Under Counter Microwave

under counter microwave

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Counter space is something that many kitchens lack, making it important to keep the counter area uncluttered. An under counter microwave is one appliance designed with counter space in mind.

It secures to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet and many models feature an air filtering system on the bottom, intended for installation over an oven range. People can enjoy the benefits of a microwave without having to sacrifice their precious counter area. In addition to saving counter space, installing an under the counter microwave can save you floor space as well since you will not need to use a microwave cart or cabinet.

Under Counter Microwave Reviews

Shoppers looking for an under counter microwave should read product reviews before heading to the store or doing any online shopping. They will quickly discover that this unit can be added to any kitchen, unlike built in microwaves, which usually require custom installation and therefore, are only added during a kitchen remodel. Installation of the under counter version requires only a few tools and someone to provide assistance.

Under counter models cost approximately $200 to $1,200 depending on their features. Since most are designed to be mounted over a range, they fit within a 30-inch wide space, which is the width of a typical range. Microwave capacity varies from 1.1 to two cubic feet and with larger units, professional installation is often recommended. A one-year warranty is standard, though longer coverage may be provided for the magnetron tube that creates the microwave energy.

The Samsung SMH9187 is considered one of the best budget priced under counter microwaves. It has a 1.8 cubic foot capacity, 14-inch turntable, electronic tough controls, and a cooking sensor. The venting system is powerful enough to draw smoke and heat away from the range. With its sleek design, this unit blends well into many styles of kitchens. A retail price of approximately $265 makes this microwave more affordable than many other models of its type.

Latest Under Counter Microwave Features

Microwave technology has advanced in recent years, with developments like cooking sensors that measure humidity within the microwave and adjust cooking time automatically to avoid overcooking. The consensus is that the sensor feature works well in most units. Another effective feature is inverter technology, which allows the microwave to continuously run at half power, resulting in more even cooking. Users enjoy this feature but it is definitely not a necessity.

Convection mode is an advanced feature that is included in the latest under the counter microwave models. During the cooking cycle, hot air is circulated throughout the oven to promote even surface browning and cooking. These microwaves have features similar to radiant ovens, capable of baking cakes, grilling burgers, and roasting chickens. The quality is not yet equivalent but for a busy family, this feature may be important.

The newest under counter microwaves have a steam function. The user fills a reservoir with water and as this liquid evaporates, the food is steamed. This steam helps heat to penetrate food and adds moisture without increasing fat content. Currently, only higher-end units like the $875 Whirlpool GH7208XR include this feature. However, it may soon become standard on all mid-range under counter microwave models.